Aerogel A2

DS N 115 VERS. 1.6 EN


Advanced Porous Material for thermal insulation (APM) .


Thermal insulation blanket/sheets made of continuous filament needlepunched glass fibers and nanoporous synthetic amorphous silica (aerogel).

Aerogel A2 comes as a compact and tough mat that offers breathability and durability thanks to its fibrous matrix.

Widely used for thermal insulation in construction and industry, it boasts superior performance compared to traditional insulation materials.

Suitable for restoration and building renovation, and generally for all civil and industrial applications requiring high insulation performance and low thickness of the insulating package.

Suitable for both internal and external thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

Harmful emissions free : VOC A+. RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU compliant.


superior thermal insulation

reduced thickness

non-combustible non-flammable

compression resistant

harmful emissions free


easy to handle

resistente alla compressione


Aerogel A2 is easy to work with, can be cut and drilled as needed.

Clean and precise cuts allow optimal joint alignment where the fibers links and recreate the continuity of the material.

Attachment to brick or concrete structures is by gluing or mechanically. On wooden structures, stapling or nailing are th mainly methods.

To promote adhesion of plasters/adhesives the surface of Aerogel A2 can be treated with primers/fixatives such as RAPID GRIP.

Please refer to specific documentation depending on the type of application. 

For external thermal insulation systems (ETICS) please consult Installation guidelines.


Thermal conductivity as a function of operating temperature

(trend obtained by interpolation with conversion coefficient ft = 0,00150343)


Declared thermal conductivity 1)λDEN10456W/mK0,016
Thermal resistance 2)R-m2K/W0,69
Calorific valueCpEN10456J/Kg.K1030
Nominal density-Kg./m3200 ± 15%
Water vapour transmission
Water vapor permeabilityEN12086Kg./msPa14,4x10-12
Airflow resistivityrEN29053KPas/m2>1000
Short-term partial immersion water absorptionWpEN1609Kg./m20
Long-term immersion water absorptionWlpEN12087Kg./m20
Compression behaviourσ10EN826KPa54
Point load behaviorF5EN12430N1193 at 5 mm strain
Compressive creep 3)ε10YEN1606%0,45 (3 KPa)   1,55 (6 KPa)   3,65 (9 KPa)
Dynamic stiffness 1)s'EN29052-1MN/m343
Compressibility 1)cEN12431mm1,2
Tensile strength perpendicular to
Tensile strength parallel to facesEN1608KPaperpendicolar to fibre direction: 202  parallel :1297
Dimensional stability (70°C / 90%UR)EN1604%width: Δεl<1  length: Δεb<1  thickness: Δεd<1
Static contact angleΘEN15802°167
Euroclass fire reactionEN13501-1-B / s1 / d0
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)EN16000-9classeA+
RoHSEN62321-Directive 2011/65/EU compliant
Service temperature range 4)-°C-30/+300

1) prestazione determinata con spessore 11 mm   2) d/λD con d= 0,011 m    3) regressione lineare elaborata da 1h a 2928h   non si riscontrano fenomeni interni di “self heating”, rotture, cavità, degrado della struttura fibrosa o riduzione dello spessore > 1%.


Nominal thickness (mm)71122334455
SizeRR - P - SMMMM
Dimensionref. to Products catalog
Dimensional tolerancewidth, lenght: ±1,5% ; thickness:±10%

R=blanket   P=pannel   M==multi-layer panel


Manufacturer declaration of conformity in compliance with D.M. 2-04-98.


Article does not contain substances classified as hazardous according to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 and subsequent amendments. Please review the Information Sheet for detailed information.

FAVs classification under Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 – Annex VI, as amended by Regulation (EC) 790/2009 according to CLP criteria. HAZARD CATEGORY: Exempt from classification. NOTE: “R”.

TARIC: 680690 0000


Store in a dry environment, away from moisture and ice.

Avoid exposition to UV rays for long periods.

Under standard storage conditions, article is indefinitely storable.


Dispose of article and its packaging according to current local/national regulations. CER: 17.06.04

Article can be disposed of in landfills facilities for non-hazardous waste according to D.M. 27/09/2010.


This technical data sheet replaces and cancels any previous versions. All data and information are representative of the typical characteristics of the material and correspond to our current and best knowledge. However, no liability can arise from them, and no claims can be made against ECOFINE S.R.L. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the suitability of the product for its specific use, assuming all inherent responsibility arising from its use. Technical dept. is available for information, clarifications, and inquiries about the use and processing of all our articles. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product without prior notice. Updated technical data sheets are available on the website or can be requested from our offices. Detailed information on proper use is available in the Information Sheet.

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